One Of A Kind products handmade in Portland, OR with American made materials.

Currently residing in Portland, OR, Harlan’s design career has found him creating and constructing all across the globe.

Born in Missouri, Harlan decided to stretch his creative and industrious wings at a young age. As a teenager he honed his exemplary welding skills working in a custom welding shop. He was then accepted to the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. While in Florida Harlan created a loyal and expansive client-base which found him designing projects such as furniture, musical instruments, jewelry, collectible toys, sculpture, prosthetic limbs and more.

An interest in weaponry and martial arts lead Harlan to study the ancient art of steel knife and sword-making. Experimenting with unique metals, woods, and ergonomics, Harlan quickly made waves in the knife industry as a promising new talent.

Harlan then moved across the USA to Portland to engineer and coordinate puppetry, animatronics, and robots with world-famous Michael Curry Design for use in award-winning stage, screen, and theme park entertainment.

In 2010 Harlan founded S.I.N. Cycles with fellow gravity bike enthusiast Ryan O’Brien. Harlan and S.I.N. have traveled the USA breaking downhill speed records with their innovative cycles, while hosting and supporting various downhill races and events throughout the country.

Harlan continues to fabricate weaponry, bicycles, and puppetry and is enthusiastic to tackle any design project his creative clients can dream up.

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