Things I've made and would make similar to again. If you ask nicely

The Aurora Landscape Friction Folder.

The Buffalo Nickel OOAK Slinger.

Snow Cleaver with Resin and Flora Handle Scales.

Sabi Axe

All Titanium Pizza Slayer.

Wharnring Knife with Damascus Blade, Titanium Handle Scales, and Brass Hardware.

Beard Balm and Copper Skully Beard Combs.

Brass Bottle Openers with Varying Customization.

OOAK Forge Ceramic Flasks, Kettle, and Canteen.

Neck Knife with Knapped Detailing and Antler Handle Scales.

Landscape Friction Folder with Knapped Detailing, Titanium Handle Scales, and Copper Skully Bead.

OOAK Slinger with Slingbow Setup.

Copper and Brass Multi-tools.

Gemini Drivers, Collaboration with Copper Creek.

Brass and Copper Pizza Slayers

Mini Damascus Axe with Jasper Handle Scales

Bamboo Splitter

Fish Head Knife with Micarta Handle Scales

Cleavage Knives with Damascus Blades and Bronze Handle Scales.

OOAK Slinger with Titanium Frame

Cigar Box Guitar

Damascus Cleaver Necklaces

OOAK Slinger with Brass Frame.

Pizza Slayer with Damascus Blade, Copper Frame, and Titanium Handle Scales.

Blood Hatchet

r40 Chair

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